iPad Bug – Choosing March 2013 Month View Crashes iCal

Just come across this problem, and quickly managed to work out how to get around it.


  1. You have an ‘all-day’ or birthday event (from Address Book) configured for 1st April 2013, and the relevant calendar is selected for display.
  2. Select Month View
  3. Navigate to March 2013 – Crash!

Update: On 28th January 2013, Apple released iOS 6.1 which appears to fix the problem. Make sure you have upgraded!


  1. Disable the calendar containing the event
  2. Use an alternate view from Month view
  3. Delete the offending event or birthday.

If iCal/Calendar crashes due to the bug, just reload, and you’ll either be back at Today, or one month either side of March 2013. Switch view (for example to Week View), and you’ll be able to navigate back to March 2013 without crashing.

If you have Facebook enabled in Settings, you may need to switch off contact and calendar sync, or remove the Facebook account. Check your contacts for any with a birthday on 1st April, and delete the birthday if you find one. Then you should be able to view March 2013 in Mpnth View without crashing.

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46 thoughts on “iPad Bug – Choosing March 2013 Month View Crashes iCal

  1. Kerry

    Many thanks for the fix Dave, I had Easter Monday in my iCalendar on the first of April so I deleted it and presto I can now access March 2013 without iCal crashing out! I wonder if it was an April Fools joke by an Apple programmer!

  2. Barbara

    Thank you. disabling the birthday calendar containing a birthday for april first did the trick….. so why can apple not fix the glitch?!

  3. Bernie Lugner

    Many thanks – I deleted my all-day event on 1 Apr and voila, March was back. I’m not expecting Apple to apologise,

    1. Dave Post author


      Thanks for the feedback and reminder to report it. Bug reference is 12622898, although I don’t think there is a way for others to view this.

      1. Mike Howlett

        Thanks for the help. I had to delete all events for April 1st. Now works as it should. Hope Apple fix it with update 6.1.0

  4. Dimitri Plotnikov

    I got same problem but I have nothing set on the first of April 2013. Just updated last night to 6.0.1 but I guess it did not fix it.

    1. Dave Post author

      I just got a notification from Apple’s Bug Tracker that they’ve merged my report with an existing one, so they are obviously aware of it. Trouble is, you can’t view status or progress on someone else’s bug report, so no idea what’s actually happening with it.

  5. James Hallows

    Thank you for reporting this and the workaround. Indeed I have my niece’s birthday in the Birthdays calendar for 1st April, and the IPad calendar app crashed when selecting March. Disabling the Birthdays calendar has fixed the problem for the time being.

    I have to say I’m very unimpressed with Apple. This is a very important bug not being able to access my March calendar!

    Thanks again for your efforts on this!



  6. Geoffrey

    Birthday Calendar not the cause for me. I had to delete a daily recurring event in another iCloud calendar that spanned 1st of April. Thanks for the clue. Nothing in Apple Support that I have found. Thank goodness for users fora!

  7. Martyn

    I had subscribed to a UK holiday calendar which had ‘April Fools Day’ entered for April 1st. Simply not displaying the subscribed calendar allowed access to March 2013 again! Thanks for the tip!

  8. Gary Wyatt

    Same problem, crashed when March 2013 month view selected. deleted event on April 1st, all then ok. Reloaded event on April 1st, all still ok. Well done everybody.

  9. Olli

    I have iOS 6.0.1, still having the same problem. If you’ll need to have all day event, just make one from 0:00 to 23:59 without choosing all day event and it won’t crash anymore

  10. Lo

    Have the same problem.apple have never solved any of my problems.not intested just wanted the £550 I paid for my ipad 4 64gb.and £400 for my 16gb. Paid is a anagram for ipad.

  11. Jane Lister

    Glad I found this. Amazing my Apple store knew nothing about this issue! I tried hard reset but this didn’t resolve the issue and they only suggested resetting my iPad to factory setting to resolve it. After reading this I found that just deleting my entry for April 1st it was solved.

      1. Clive CASS

        But I do not want to unsubscribe to a calendar that provides a lot of important data for me just to get round this problem so how can I fix the issue. I have emailed the calendar provider to see if they can change the event that occurs on April 1st to a time rather than all day event but have not yet heard back from them. I however think this is an apple issue and not theirs to solve

        1. Dave Post author

          You don’t need to unsubscribe, just deselect the calendar from showing if you want to view in month view. Obviously you won’t see that calendars events, but t least you can see the others. The fix is down to Apple, but so far it looks like they aren’t providing a fix.

  12. Andy

    Top man!!! I don’t know how you figured it out, but thank you!! my offending item was the Easter all day event!! Initially I thought it may have been a memory available problem, so I deleted 100+ pics before I found your posting, wish I found this first!!

  13. Lynn Shaw

    I have been unable to delete an all day birthday notification for 1st April which has automatically transferred from Facebook. I have “unfriended” my friend but the notification remains on my calandar and I cannot find any way of deleting it. My calandar continues to crash!! Do you have any suggestions please? Many thanks. Lynn.

    1. Dave Post author

      Hi Lynn. You may need to disable Facebook integration, it birthdays may have been merged onto your contact records. If you go to address book, can you delete the birthday from the person who has on on 1st April? Remember, Calendar only crashes if March 2013 is viewed in Month view, so perhaps the only solution is to avoid that view for now.

  14. Fredrik Augustsson

    1:identified the problem as “calendar dies when going to March 2013”. 2: Google the issue. 3: found your blog 4: done!

    total time spent 3 minutes. Fantastic! /me love Internet

    BUT: What caused the bug in the first place?! And why isnt it fixed?!

  15. Martin

    I couldn’t believe how simple it was to resolve, it’s been driving me crazy. Simply deleting the Easter Monday and Birthday I had in as all day events resolved it. Amazed Apple haven’t resolved it. Thanks everyone.

    1. Limey

      Apple support tell me that the problem is known, their engineers are working on it and the temporary solution is to deselect the uk holiday calendar, and by implication any other calendar where events on April 1st are all day, and to change any all day events on April 1st on your own calendars to say 0100 to 2300. It occurs that people might have several day events stretching over 31st March and 1st April which might also need amending. Conspiracy paranoids might think the original programmer thought, ahah it’s April Fools Day in 2013, but I guess it’s more likely to be an unintended consequence of the 31st not having enough hours for a 24 hr all day event.

      1. Neil Irwin

        Brilliant. Thanks. I didn’t even delete the all-day event on April 1st, just changed it to a timed event and all is well again. I’m amazed.

  16. Kevin

    Hi Dave,

    Many thanks for your precious help ! It works ! Long live Internet: a poor Belgian iPad owner find the solution to his issue thanks to the help of a kind Englishman !

    Thanks again, Kevin

    1. Dave Post author

      Andrew – my understanding is that iOS 6.1.1 was only released for iPhone 4S, not the iPad. Are you now seeing this problem on iPhone too, or are you on 6.1 on iPad and still experiencing the problem? Are you able to explain how to reproduce it if different from my description?

  17. Sven

    On my iPad3 works this: Aktivate multitasking. Open any App except iCal. Push actice app with 4 fingers standby. Open iCal from taskline.


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