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A Magical and Revolutionary Product is Coming…

It’s 10th May, and the iPad PreOrdering has commenced in the UK.  At 1:30am I successfully placed an order for the iPad 64GB WiFi + 3G and a few accessories.  The ordering process was not quite as slick as it might have been.  The Apple Store went into maintenance mode at midnight as expected, and was back again at about… Read more »

Designing a Protocol for the Group Edit View Controller

In my last post, I decided to remove my Singleton object in preference for passing the NSManagedObjectContext around between view controllers.  In my application, I have a table view that shows a list of ‘groups’, and a view that provides the form for entering or altering the group ‘title’. The intention is to allow the user to both add new… Read more »

Revisiting the Core Data Singleton

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Whilst I’m sure the idea of a Singleton for application wide variables is going to be good one, I must say that I’ve revisited this idea over the last couple of days, especially with the help of an article Core Data: Passing around a NSManagedObjectContext on the iPhone which helps to set the perspective (as it should be) to the… Read more »