iPad Multi-Tasking Gestures Stop Working Periodically in iOS 8

I’m getting a problem that is being reported on a few other forums, where the multi tasking gestures on the iPad (4 finger pinch for the home screen, and 4 finger swipe to switch apps) randomly stops working. The option is still enabled in Settings > General, but the gesture no longer works.

Some have reported that its related to the new keyboard replacements in iOS 8 but I have not installed any on my devices so that doesn’t appear to be the problem. I’ve yet to see any pattern in usage prior to the gesture becoming inoperative.

A workaround appears to be to disable the multitasking gestures options in settings and then re-enable the option and see whether it works. In at least one instants that I’ve experienced it was necessary to actually completely shut down the iPad and restarted (hold down the lock key until the slide to power off message is displayed then once shutdown, hold down the lock key again until you see the Apple logo.


Devon Wine and Music Festival

A lovely weekend spent with motorhoming friends at the inaugural Devon Wine and Music Festival, hosted by Pebblebed Vineyard in Clyst St George.

Great food, some impressive wines, and a nice lineup of music, particularly Gobi and Wildwood Kin, although one certainly shouldn’t have wasted our time or sanity!

Audience turnout was a little low, not a big festival by any standards but only a few hundred people there, it deserves to have been better attended.

Apple Watch

I Predict – September 2014

Time again for another Apple keynote, and therefore time to predict what might be in it.

We are expecting a new iPhone, and probably a wearable device, such as a watch.

My wild prediction at this point is that they will drop the iPhone/iPad split – there will henceforth be one device in a number of screen sizes from 4.5″ to 9.7″, maybe even larger. No idea what the name will be – perhaps iPhone will disappear and iPad will remain, or maybe an entirely new name.

The wearable device will be wrist mounted, capable of replacing a watch, but not not defined by that. Health sensors will be a major benefit. I also think that it will only be a peripheral to another iDevice. I think an earpiece under the Beats brand will be part of the mix.

Thats it for now – lets see how I’ve got on in about 90 minutes time.

Update – I Failed!

I think I was right about the watch though in terms of its feature set, but failed in respect to the earpiece, although maybe its possible, just not advertised. I guess it connects to the phone though, not the watch. I don’t really see people talking Dick Tracy style to their wrists.

Whilst my prediction of a rebranding around a single name was wrong or at least premature, style-wise both iPhone and iPad all share very similar design details, maybe that will come a little further down the line.

Apple Pay was interesting, but probably isn’t going to have much effect here in the UK as contactless payment has only just been deployed. In my experience, it sort of works, but is pretty hit and miss and with the exception of not having to type the PIN code, not a great deal more convenient. Also, you still have to pull that card from your wallet if you have more than one contactless card. Apple Pay would be boon, but I think it will take them a while yet before you can leave your credit cards at home.

The phone is a nice update, but I’m not convinced by the size, particularly of the larger one. If you think about it, the development of the watch was probably very much informed by the market demand for a larger phone/phablet. Apple I think realised that a watch was not just about a cool gadget, but about usability. Whipping out a phablet sized device gets awkward, and was one of the primary reasons I am against larger devices. Putting functionality on a wrist mounted device makes using the phone so much easier, regardless of phone size. Its why I was thinking they’d merge iPhone and iPad to create a single device, because the size becomes less important when coupled with a wearable.

Looking at the features outlined in the keynote, I was surprised at the deep level of integration. Whilst I expected a watch type device, I was expecting version 1 to be more basic than it is, and I think thats why its been a while coming compared to the competition. Apple wanting it to be right, not just driven by a desire to be in a particular market.

As far as design goes, they provided many personalisation options, although I actually think the basic watch case is a little boring to look at. It looks pretty thick as watches go, but expect some large improvements in thickness once version 2 comes along. By the time the traditional case manufacturers get to work on creating other strap options, and assuming strap interchangeability is quick, simple and robust, you can personalise your watch to your hearts content.

Battery life is going to be really key. I’m going to say its got to be a minimum of 16 hours, but really they’ve got to be targeting more like 48 hours to make it really acceptable. I’m going to assume also that some power will be reserved for continued health recording, with the display being disabled to preserve longevity once the battery drops below a certain level.

I was initially concerned that as a left-hander they’ve overlooked the placement of the crown and button, but I’ve since read reports that you can choose handedness, although don’t know how that might affect use of the crown and button as they will be inverted when worn on a right wrist.

It’s certainly been an interesting keynote. The U2 album giveaway just didn’t seem to fit with the rest of it. The banter between Tim Cook and Bono suggested that Apple must have paid something to the band for exclusivity. What might have been nice was U2 then giving a share of the proceeds to something else charitable. Maybe that is happening, but would have been an even nicer gesture.


Doddington Hall, Lincolnshire

Greetings from Lincolnshire. Returning after a gap of a year, Mel is exhibiting again at the summer exhibition in the garden. A good standard of work here this year, better organised than last so here’s hoping to a productive month.

Always a pleasure to come here, a lovely venue and the farm shop, cafe and restaurant are always a highlight. Fantastic to meet up with artist friends as well, we spent a couple of fab evenings with delightful company.

We’ll be taking a couple of days to amble home, enjoying the scenery of a part of the country we don’t know too well.


The Roaches in the Peak District

Whilst Mel did her last day in Liverpool, I started the journey south and then detoured to the edge of the Peak District to take advantage of the sunshine.

One both of our last two visits to the Peaks, we’d admired the craggy peaks of The Roaches, a ridge Millstone Grit that juts put of the landscape. A perfect opportunity to take a closer look.

I ended up having to curtail the walk as rain looked imminent, although in the end I god away without more than a few spits. The Roaches were gods, and a popular walking spot, and the views were excellent. I could see the coast at Liverpool, Snowdonia in Wales and I think as far south as Kington and Offa’s Dyke.


The Howgills and Cautley Spout

Leaving Wensleydale behind we stopped in the town of Sedbergh, known off its book shops. There were a few although just about every other type of shops also stocked books just to keep up the illusion.

We set off both over the Howgills, a nice grass covered ridge. Nice waking once you’d climbed up out of the town, which was a big of a stiff intro.

Once on top we looped right and down Cautley Spout which claims to god England’s highest waterfall above ground. Gaping Gill on nearby Ingleborough falls a greater distance but into a pot hole.

A pretty spot, and a nice view. Not a very clear day unfortunately so didn’t get much of a view of the Lake District which was just brooding through the misty haze.

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