The Hill of Tara

Dave   31st October, 2015   No Comments on The Hill of Tara

Yes, that’s a real place, not a euphemism for a woman’s chest. That would of course be The Hills of Tara. Anyway, the hill is home to one of the most prominent ancient burial sites in Ireland, dating back a good 5,000 years. There’s not a whole lot to see apart from earthworks, but the view is nice. We’ve headed… Read more »

Dublin Town

Dave   30th October, 2015   No Comments on Dublin Town

An afternoon and evening in Dublin, and I was as underwhelmed as I though I might be. That’s the trouble with many cities nowadays, bland uniformity means you could be anywhere. Which probably goes to explain the ‘needle’ in the centre. I wasn’t the first to ask ‘what’s the point’? So we took the opportunity to do something we rarely… Read more »

The Dubliners

Dave   29th October, 2015   No Comments on The Dubliners

Well, not much going on here, apart from dealing with assorted shite. We’ve moved to the outskirts of Dublin, a campsite conveniently situated for getting into the city, but blighted by being near to a main road, so not the most peaceful or scenic of places after the last few weeks. No pictures in the last few days, as I’ve… Read more »

Killary Harbour, Clew Bay and Croagh Patrick


Killary Harbour is one of three fjords in Ireland. This one is 16kms long. My hopes were high for some stunning scenery, and to a large extent it was, but the quay near the mouth is the centre for some fairly untidy fishing activity, and knocks the overall feel of the place. Nearer the head its a lot more pretty…. Read more »

Clifden, Letterfrack and Diamond Hill


So the weather has turned, and as I requested, we’ve got some nice blustery weather to contend with, which just makes it all the more exciting! The part two nights have been spent next to lovely sandy beaches with the waves rolling in and the wind howling around the van. The scenery in this part of Connemara is stunning, despite… Read more »

Bertraghboy Bay, Rounstone and Gorteen Bay


Clouds in the sky to start the day, but just enough to make the landscape moody, which seems to suit it. Boulder, bog and water around every bend. Roundstone is a delightful little village, several cafes, restaurants, pubs and B&B’s, but being a Monday most are closed for the day. We settle for a walk towards to the old monastery… Read more »

Mweenish Bay

Dave   19th October, 2015   No Comments on Mweenish Bay

This really is starting to get a bit silly now. I’m sure our ferry didn’t bring us to Ireland, but some far away tropical island! The weather is quite sublime, even by west coast of Ireland standards. So, we make the most of it. Heading out of Galway town along the coast and into Connemara. The landscape changes, and gone… Read more »