Farindola – Pecorino e Pecorini


Last night was the start of the cheese and wine festival, which runs till Sunday. More refined than the food festival, you buy tokens to exchange for small samples of the local wine and cheese. The logo for the festival is a little worrying. But sheep farmers are probably the same the world over. The man with the wheelbarrow performed… Read more »

Rocca Calascio

Dave   6th August, 2015   No Comments on Rocca Calascio

Catching up on photos from the last few days. On Thursday we went out en-masse for a jolly, driving in convoy up over the hills to the Gran Sasso proper, a vast plateau surrounded by craggy mountains. We passed by the town of Castel del Monte, which was badly affected by the earthquake that hit the region in 2009 and… Read more »

Farindola – Life Modelling Results


After an hour and a half in the hot seat, here’s the results of the life modelling. You’ll be pleased to see that they’ve spared you the ‘choicest cuts’. I think they’ve all captured something of me, with Prabin’s oil perhaps being the closest to how I see myself. Very pleased with the results, and it was a fun thing… Read more »