South West Coast Path – Sennen Cove to Porthcurno and Cross Country

A lovely sunny day, light breeze, and what more excuse do you need for a walk along the coast path?

Definitely Britain at its best, although the only ones other than us enjoying it were German and Japanese tourists, or so it seemed. I think the Germans, under cover of their World Cup win, slipped in whilst no one was looking.


The Roaches in the Peak District

Whilst Mel did her last day in Liverpool, I started the journey south and then detoured to the edge of the Peak District to take advantage of the sunshine.

One both of our last two visits to the Peaks, we’d admired the craggy peaks of The Roaches, a ridge Millstone Grit that juts put of the landscape. A perfect opportunity to take a closer look.

I ended up having to curtail the walk as rain looked imminent, although in the end I god away without more than a few spits. The Roaches were gods, and a popular walking spot, and the views were excellent. I could see the coast at Liverpool, Snowdonia in Wales and I think as far south as Kington and Offa’s Dyke.


The Howgills and Cautley Spout

Leaving Wensleydale behind we stopped in the town of Sedbergh, known off its book shops. There were a few although just about every other type of shops also stocked books just to keep up the illusion.

We set off both over the Howgills, a nice grass covered ridge. Nice waking once you’d climbed up out of the town, which was a big of a stiff intro.

Once on top we looped right and down Cautley Spout which claims to god England’s highest waterfall above ground. Gaping Gill on nearby Ingleborough falls a greater distance but into a pot hole.

A pretty spot, and a nice view. Not a very clear day unfortunately so didn’t get much of a view of the Lake District which was just brooding through the misty haze.


Hardraw Force and Cotterdale

Second day of walking, this time a lap of Cotterdale, a small side valley off of Wensleydale. The valley is blind, so no through traffic which meant it would be more peaceful than Wensleydale itself, except the RAF seem to make use of all the dales for low level runs.

On the way out we went via Hawdraw Force which is billed as England’s largest single drop waterfall. Not all that impressive after a dry month but pleasant all the same.


Nice Cheese Grommit

Another chance to get away from normality, whatever that is. This time, although the intended destination was the Lake District, we find ourselves just East in the Yorkshire Dales. A nice 11 mile walk today, up one fell and down another.

Hawes, the town we are in, gets a visit from the Tour de France next weekend on its first stage. Camping easy this weekend, but next weekend, bedlam! By then, we’ll be on the Lancashire coast, just for a change.

CIA launches Twitter and Facebook accounts

The United States Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA, has opened its first official accounts on Twitter and Facebook, it announced on Friday. The spy agency said it would help it to engage more directly with the public and make unclassified information on the agency “more accessible”.

CIA launches Twitter and Facebook accounts

I couldn’t help but snicker over this headline. This brings a whole new meaning to ‘being followed’, and it’s one thing to be ‘liked’ by the CIA, but what if they don’t like you?


Rough Stuff Fellowship – Cornwall

A little late in publishing this, but some pics and the route of the Bank Holiday Monday ride for the Rough Stuff Fellowship around the tip of Cornwall. Only Mel and I along for the ride, but didn’t expect others to make it that far down. It was a good ride, although we curtained some of the rough stuff as the going was rather wet and soggy, but we got to take in some of the open art studios as it was Cornwall Art Week.

Rather adventurously we tried to do part of the South West Coast Path between Mousehole and Lamorna Cove, as the first part was marked as bridleway. This bit was easy, but we soon came across steep flights of steps. We persevered for a bit, but then a dutch couple walking from the other way started looking at us like we were mad and making all sorts of puffing and wheezing noises like we might struggle. Shame, as it was enough to put us off the rest of that bit, I did a quick recky but given the weather, we decided it might be a step too far and so we hauled the bikes back up the steps and then went around via the road.


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