Gdansk – The Cuisine


Polish cuisine. I’m surprised there a many Poles left to be honest. You’ll notice the distinct lack of green things. The Pierogi are a bit like Cornish pasties, these being the baked variety, but you get steamed ones too which are more like dumplings. The Lody, or ice creams, are particularly dense and plentiful. We did a Tandoori meet feast,… Read more »

Home on the Farm

Dave   24th March, 2016   No Comments on Home on the Farm

You may well have wondered what’s been going on. There’s been lots of house action in the last few weeks, with external and internal decoration happening, and some tidying, landscaping, and hedge laying. With a glorious spell of weather of the last couple of weeks, much progress has been made outside. Scaffolding is yet to come down so house shots… Read more »

Safari on iOS – Typing or tapping in address bar causes crash


The ‘Safari Suggestions’ option is causing the Safari browser to crash when you tap in the address bar field and start typing. Sometimes just tapping in the field is enough, you get dumped back to the home screen, and sometimes you need to start typing. The bug can be avoided by going to Settings > Safari, and disabling the option… Read more »

And now for something completely different…


Well, here we are back in the house after two and half years of travel. But don’t worry, we aren’t intending on taking root. This is merely a hiatus. Anyway, it was nice to get such a lovely sunset on our first evening back. That distracted us from the mud. We’ve obviously become soft in the interim, what with hardstanding… Read more »

We’ll miss you Ireland

Dave   2nd November, 2015   No Comments on We’ll miss you Ireland

Rather late in filing this report, but repatriation tends to soak up time. We had a very pleasant last evening in Ireland, a walk around the nature reserve at Raven Point, and a chance to watch the sun set on our latest adventure. Ireland has been very enjoyable, possibly one of the best trips we’ve done, helped by the friendly… Read more »

Dublin Town

Dave   30th October, 2015   No Comments on Dublin Town

An afternoon and evening in Dublin, and I was as underwhelmed as I though I might be. That’s the trouble with many cities nowadays, bland uniformity means you could be anywhere. Which probably goes to explain the ‘needle’ in the centre. I wasn’t the first to ask ‘what’s the point’? So we took the opportunity to do something we rarely… Read more »