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‘The Problem With Dumb Pipes’

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Earlier this month, I was trying to upload a photo to Instagram in San Francisco. It took 5 minutes before I gave up. Do you know how long it takes to do this normally? 30 seconds, tops. I was angry, and I realized that all I want is a better carrier. A more innovative carrier. A smarter carrier. Carrier-related problems… Read more »

What’s Wrong with the iOS Home Screen?

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There has been discussion lately about the possibility, or at least desire, that Apple will redesign the home screen on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod). I don’t believe they will make any substantial changes in the near future. With the continued iOS-ification of OS X on the desktop, it would seem an odd about face for a company that puts… Read more »

Out of the Pyrenees and into the Lot Valley

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A chilly night outside, but nice and snug in the van with the has hearing on. Wild camping means surviving on my measly 25mb a day roaming data limit, but it probably does me good to use the Internet less! Familiar roads to start with as I descended into Laruns and the headed on towards Pau, where it was time… Read more »

A Walk in the Park (National Ordesa)

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Yet another lovely morning, and so I got made my mind up – a walk in the Ordesa National Park, only half an hour along the valley from the campsite at Gavin. I headed for the village of Torla which is the access point for the park. I was hoping the visitor centre would be open so I could find… Read more »

Ordesa National Park – Caterpillars Conga

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Whilst out walking today, several times I came across this curious site of Caterpillars doing the conga. Now I’ve read about Spain’s Caterpillars that live up pine trees and have a mast sting to their hairy appendages, and this was on the tracks through a pine forest, and there were curious spider web like ‘bags’ hanging in the tree branches… Read more »

From the Badlands of the Bardenas Reales to the Foot of the Pyrenees

A sunny start to the day, but a bit of a stiff wind didn’t help make a quick departure from the site, and once heading west it was a fierce headwind that told much of the aerodynamics of the plastic spaceship. I decided I was in no rush, and just went with the flow, even of it was upstream. I… Read more »

Zaragoza and the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar

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Basilica of Our Lady of the Pilar, Zaragoza

Driving from Ojos Negros down to Zaragoza, I’m starting to develop a soft spot for the Aragon landscape. Lots of lovely hills and valleys, extraordinary land forms and stunning vistas. A real pleasure to drive through, must make a note to come back and explore more on the bike. The municipal campsite is relatively modern with all the expected facilities,… Read more »

The Mines of Ojos Negros

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A view of the mine workings at Ojos Negros, Aragon

After an early start for the sunrise over the Sierra Menera (which was slightly spoilt by clouds that built quickly with the suns rise), it was time for a wander around the mines at Ojos Negros. It was so lovely to get here after stopping the cycle trip short of the target. I’m still kicking myself for not actually doing… Read more »

The Return to Ojos Negros

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The Emblase de Entrepeños, at Sacedón, Castille-Le Mancha

Today was to mark the return to the Via Verdes de las Ojos Negros, most of which I cycled back in January. I didn’t make it quite to the end at the time, to the mines themselves at the head of the old railway line, at Ojos Negros. As I was heading broadly in that direction to get to Zaragoza,… Read more »

Mel Flying Home, I’m Driving Round in Circles

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Lack of Internet tonight for photos, but a lovely walk in the mountains this afternoon to break up the drive to Madrid. Mel is now safely on her way home, and I’m just driving round in circle, or at least I was. Don’t ever try to follow a Sat Nav around Madrid airport! The campsite that was supposed to be… Read more »