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Wistman’s Wood, Dartmoor

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We went our for the day, taking Caroline along as well, and visited Sidmouth to drop off some sculptures at a gallery, unexpected running into Mel’s aunt and uncle with whom we stopped for lunch. We then went onto Delamore for the preview afternoon of its sculpture garden which runs for the rest of May. On the way home we… Read more »

TDD Exercise – A StringCalculator in Objective-C

After struggling over a custom UIControl implementation for iOS, I decided to take a little time out to play and learn more about design patterns and approaches in Objective-C. This exercise was the basis for learning a great deal about how I approach the design of a solution, and I hope it will benefit my other developments.

Salcombe Coastal Path

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A few selected images from our trip to Salcombe over the weekend. We had some great weather and had a good walk of about 15 miles along the coastal footpath and across the headland. I’ve not been to this bit of the coast before, and its got a very Cornish feel, without all the hassle of going that far. Definitely… Read more »