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Still Here

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As you can see the cheesy lounge singer is really packing the place out. In fairness, most of the other passengers are lorry drivers and they have sensibly gone to bed, or are propping up a less cheesy bar. It’s now 45 minutes after the published sailing time and we are still docked, although it did appear that the captain… Read more »

Grimaldi Lines from Barcelona to Civitavecchia

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If there is a definition for ‘shower of shit’ then the experience so far of Grimaldi Lines is it, and I’ve not even got on the ferry yet. Just stood for 45 minutes waiting to be served in the ticket office whilst they helped dimwits as slowly as they could, then it took all of 10 seconds to issue the… Read more »

A Change of Scenery, and Temperature

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Life was starting to get a bit complicated in the mountains, what with a slight change in the weather, leaky water pump and crap campsites that think it’s ok to charge €25 for a patch of grass and water miles away from the pitch because it’s all switched off for the winter. We had to decide where to go next… Read more »

The Fate of Jánovas and the Ara Valley

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I mentioned yesterday that we’d driven past the deserted villages in the Ara valley, most notably the village of Jánovus. Today we decided to back track a little and go and cycle through the valley to see a little more of it firsthand. The whole area has been blighted for nearly 100 years since it was first proposed to build… Read more »

Valle de Pineta, Bielsa

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The morning started slowly, I think we were both not quite as keen as the night before to get a full days walking in. We ambled out of the van at about 11am for a quick look around the town. Charming little mountain village with stout stone houses jumbled together along narrow streets, climbing seems to be main interest. On… Read more »

Down From the Mountains, Deserted Villages and a Church in a Lake

We headed out of the Ordesa today, intending to follow a road through the mountains to Biesla and an alternative view on the Ordesa Park. One look at the road when we got to the turn off was enough to stymy that plan – not treated and covered in frost. So no drive through the mountains for us. So we… Read more »

Ordesa National Park

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This is a bit deja vu for readers of this blog, but we’ve returned to the Ordesa National Park, for Mel’s benefit as I was here alone two years ago after she’d returned to the UK for an exhibition and I was slowly working my way home. And it was a real deja vu – we stayed in the same… Read more »

Alquezar, Sierra de Guara

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Our last day in the Guara, and we relocated to the south-west corner and the town of Alquezar. It’s claim to fame is the canyon that runs around the eastern edge of the town, not only a nice walk should you wish, but you can don a wetsuit, crash helmet, and throw yourself in and plop around through the rocks…. Read more »

The Mascún Gorge, Sierra de Guara

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Defeated once again by the scenery, terrain and state of Spanish maps. We headed off along the Mascún Gorge from Rodellar with the intention, if fairing well, of reaching the deserted village of Otin above the far end of the gorge. It didn’t start too well with a little difficulty find the right path out of the village, but we… Read more »

The Sierra de Guara from Rodellar

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Out for a jolly good walk today, although the title of this piece should probably be ‘Wallace and Grommit in the Wrong Trousers’. Getting up and going in the mornings seems nearly impossible even when you set the alarm, so it was nearly noon before we actually got boots on and out the door. In my defence, we did have… Read more »