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Not Kansas, but Jurassic Park Maybe?

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Out for a walk today, through something like the land that time forgot. I was waiting for the Velociraptors to be chased over the hill by a T-Rex, but it didn’t happen. Last nights winds were curios, it was alternating between calm period, and then this almighty rush of wind that literally shook the van from side to side. I… Read more »

Morning Glory

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The view out the bedroom window this morning. As Dorothy once said, ‘I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore Toto’. It certainly was a windy night, and we did manage to pick a rather exposed spot, but there you go. Not been outside yet to see if the paint is still on the van but as it’s rocky outside,… Read more »

Trapani – Largely Deserted

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A slight change of scene finds us in a hotel. Well, in a hotel carpark anyway. One that caters for campers, don’t worry, we weren’t trespassing! This one was on the outskirts of Trapani, these days a port town where you can sail off to northern Italy or North Africa. Salt production is seemingly a big thing here, although not… Read more »

Marsala, Mozia and Mightily Wet Weather

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We’ve now rounded the corner onto the west coast of Sicily, and the approach was pretty blustery. Things calmed down on Saturday morning enough that we got the bikes out and cycled the 10 miles into Marsala for a look around. A very pleasant ride, partly on an earth road right along the edge of the sea, and the rest… Read more »