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Walking around Rural Marrakech

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First proper day, and a slow start. Lying in to catch up on sleep, taking the time for a leisurely breakfast by the pool, Atlas Mountains in the distance, then making the mistake of doing email and discovering things can’t let you take a holiday. Finally we spent a couple of hours walking through the farmland around the campsite. Not… Read more »

Bristol to Marrakech

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Sparrows fart. The only way to describe getting up so damn early. Probably the most uncivilised part of travelling by low cost airline. I don’t know. The price you pay! Very pretty watching the sun rise to join us above the clouds. The three and a half hour flight was over quickly, helped by getting 20 minutes early. The airport… Read more »

A Man of Mystery

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Whilst preparing to travel to Morocco, I came across a selection of ID photos in my travel wallet. I’ve tended to carry spares when I travel, in case you need one. They’ve created an interesting potted history, and also look like they deserve a place in a line up of wanted terrorists. Particularly that first one. Except for the facial… Read more »

Getting the Hump

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Less than a week to go! I should probably elaborate a little. We’ve booked flights to Marrakech in Morocco, from the 20th January, returning on the 3rd February. We’ve also booked a hotel for the first 4 nights on the outskirts of Marrakech, so that we can get ourselves orientated, then decide what we do after that. It could be… Read more »

Landacre Bridge Walk

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As usual, I stop travelling and for some reason the inspiration to blog goes out the window. There have been things going on. Obviously Christmas and New Year came and went, which included a bit of house sitting which was really enjoyable, giving an opportunity to catch up with Ascot based friends. Now trying to get back into the spirit… Read more »