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Cocoapods: Creating and Sharing Your First Objective-C Open Source Project

Yet another little annoyance on the way to trying to create an iOS App – learning how to create sub-projects as Cocoapods. It involves Github, Repos, Commits, and Podspec. Yep, that sounds odd even to me. My little brain is starting to bulge out my ears!

Brace Style in Objective-C

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Over on, Brent Simmons discusses brace style in Objective C. I’m glad he’s seeing the light. In 25 years of coding in C dialects, I’ve never understood why people think that omitting the brackets improves readability. Coding is not, generally, improved by brevity or obscurity. The purpose is to write code that is clear in its intent, both to the compiler, the author, and future maintainers. If you know a thing about visual design, then you know that white space is your friend, so there is no need to skimp on that either.

Core Data: Transient Properties on NSManagedObject

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Transient properties are properties on a NSManagedObject that are not persisted to the object store. They are calculated at runtime, usually on the basis of other property values. The classic example would be for a Person object, generating a fullName property that is not persisted to the object store as both firstName and lastName are, so it can be composed at runtime.