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To France, Au Revoir, To England, It’s Good to be Back

Dover Castle welcomes me back to British shores, after a slightly stirring crossing. Another half an hour of that and I’d have been sicker than the exchange rate in the ships coffee shop when paying in Euro’s. Of course they accept them, at 50% markup! Bless P&O and all who sail in her. My other uncomfortable experience on the way… Read more »

Le Touquet-Paris-Plage and the Côte d’Opale

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After the war of attrition that was the Somme Battlefields I needed to do some housekeeping, notably to find LPG, diesel and fresh water, all of which were running low, and empty both the grey water and toilet cassette. Diesel is hardly a problem, but as I needed LPG as well it made sense to try to kill two birds… Read more »

The Battle of the Somme, WWI 1914-1918

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Today’s sightseeing tour was to be a sombre affair, a wander through the battlefields and memorials of the Somme, the infamous setting for the bloodiest battles in British military history. I started the day in the town of Albert, in the Picardie region of Northern France. Albert is home to the Somme 1916 Museum, and I though this would be… Read more »

Cathédral Saint Pierre, Beauvais

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To break up an alternately windy and showery day I stopped off at Beauvais, a town about 80kms north of Paris. According to my guide book, the cathedral was worth a look, as it features the highest Gothic vaults ever built. The original Carolingian Cathedral was destroyed by fire in 1225, and the local bishops set about specifying a replacement… Read more »

Château of Chambord, Loire Valley

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Today was Chambord’s turn to continue the tour of the châteaux of the Loire Valley. As I was in Blois I took a quick walk around the corner from the Aire to see what it’s château had to offer, and decided that I could save that for another trip. Whilst certainly an impressive building, it’s a bit hemmed in by… Read more »

The Château of Chenonceau, Loire Valley

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Second stop of the day was the Château of Chenonceau, in the Loire Valley but built across the River Cher which flows parallel only a few kms from the Loire River. There are gardens as well, but not on any sort of scale to compare to Villandry. As well as the château there is extensive woodland, a 16th century farm… Read more »

The Château and Gardens of Villandry, Loire Valley

A perfectly restful nights sleep and waking to a cold and misty morning. The run of perfect weather since November now looks to have come to an end, and signals the fact I can’t be too far from home. A cold and misty morning in early March is not necessarily the best time to go visiting Château and gardens, but… Read more »

Monsieur Gourmand Strikes Again

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I decided to stop the night outside the Chateau Villandry, which I intend to visit in the morning. The hotel next door were doing a too-good-to-be-true menu of the day. As it turned out, it was just good and true, and once more my faith in French cuisine is restored after several years of less them impressive meals. Might need… Read more »

The Village of the Dead – Oradour-sur-Glane

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A pleasant stop for coffee and a wander around a traditional French market in the town of Brantôme this morning (apparently known as ‘the Venice of the Perigord’), and then driving north through Limousin. One thing that I wanted to see was the town of Oradour-sur-Glane. On the 10th June 1944, Nazi SS rounded up the inhabitants of the town,… Read more »