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iPad Multi-Tasking Gestures Stop Working Periodically in iOS 8

I’m getting a problem that is being reported on a few other forums, where the multi tasking gestures on the iPad (4 finger pinch for the home screen, and 4 finger swipe to switch apps) randomly stops working. The option is still enabled in Settings > General, but the gesture no longer works. Some have reported that its related to… Read more »

Thoughts on new Apple iPad Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro and OS X Mavericks

Another wide ranging announcement of new toys from Apple today. The Keynotes are as predictable as ever (unless your one of those people who think that Apple should be release some new, secret, market changing device of the century), although I did think this one lacked some of the polish of the past. Jobs was the master showman, and the… Read more »

iPad mini (16GB+Wifi) delivered in the UK – First Thoughts

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So, finally after nearly three weeks of waiting, the iPad mini has arrived. I plumped for the 16GB with Wifi version, deciding at this point that laying out extra cash for features that might not be used was not worth the cash. 16GB is as much storage as I use of the original iPad, despite it being a 64GB model…. Read more »

Apple’s ‘Track Shipment’ not working? How to Understand the Tracking Reference, Specifically with TNT as the Carrier

Are you having trouble finding tracking information for your Apple order? If its being shipped direct from manufacturing, you’ll likely have an international shipping reference. Make sure that you are using the carriers correct tracking page or you might not get a result.

Why the iPad Mini is a Good Buying Decision for me

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On Tuesday, Apple announced a slew of upgrades to their product lines, with new Macbook Pros, iMacs and Mac Minis, and the first major deviation to the iPad since its launch in 2010, in the form of the iPad Mini. The iPad 3rd Generation also got an upgrade to become iPad 4th Generation (although known generally as the ‘iPad with… Read more »