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Alquezar, Sierra de Guara

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Our last day in the Guara, and we relocated to the south-west corner and the town of Alquezar. It’s claim to fame is the canyon that runs around the eastern edge of the town, not only a nice walk should you wish, but you can don a wetsuit, crash helmet, and throw yourself in and plop around through the rocks…. Read more »

The Mascún Gorge, Sierra de Guara

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Defeated once again by the scenery, terrain and state of Spanish maps. We headed off along the Mascún Gorge from Rodellar with the intention, if fairing well, of reaching the deserted village of Otin above the far end of the gorge. It didn’t start too well with a little difficulty find the right path out of the village, but we… Read more »

The Sierra de Guara from Rodellar

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Out for a jolly good walk today, although the title of this piece should probably be ‘Wallace and Grommit in the Wrong Trousers’. Getting up and going in the mornings seems nearly impossible even when you set the alarm, so it was nearly noon before we actually got boots on and out the door. In my defence, we did have… Read more »

Bierge, and the Sierra de Guara

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On leaving Heusca, which turned out to be a nicer place the the guide books would have you believe, we sort out a small, winding road that runs along the southern edge of the Parque Natural de Sierra y Los Cañones del la Guerra (that’s a mouthful), which the sat nav seemed reluctant to admit the existence of. But we… Read more »