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Somerset Shines

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Just to proved that Somerset can be as idyllic as some other places recently visited, here’s a couple of snaps from the last week. Mind you, it’s blowing a houlli at the moment. This month turns out to be a record breaker for steps taken. I’ll share the details tomorrow once the month is over. It’s gonna make April tough.

Rough Stuff Fellowship Easter 2014

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At long last I got to go to a Rough Stuff meet. The South West of England doesn’t have a local group, with most of the membership in the north, which seems like a terrible shame (for the south-west I mean!). The Easter meet has a new location each year, and this time they chose Dunster, just a few miles… Read more »

The One With The Sale of One Postcard

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Glorious Weekend. Well, the weather anyway. As for Mel’s craft fair, it was a complete washout. One postcard sold over two days. Begs the question, ‘when does anyone bother to go to a craft fair’? Perhaps it has to be precisely 22.5 degrees with light cloud. We finally managed to peel ourselves of our friends driveway, temporary base for the… Read more »

10 Parishes Festival Guide Done!

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At last the guide is complete, signed off and sent to the printers. It should be back in physical form by the end of the month. This is the fourth one of these that I’ve produced, and its always a bit of a long slog, from when we start preparations in December, through registrations for all the events which happens… Read more »

The Wivey Way, A 20 Mile Circular Walk Around Wiveliscombe, Somerset

Our big day for a big walk, The Wivey Way, a 20 mile circular walk around the Somerset town of Wiveliscombe. Wivey has been our home for the last 14 years, and we are now, albeit temporarily, leaving it for a life on the road. Travel and adventure on a slightly larger scale. And what a fitting way of saying goodbye to Wivey but to take the opportunity to view it from every angle. We were blessed with great weather, not too hot, and as luck would have it, our fellow walkers homes were alongside the route so suitable pitstops were easily at hand.