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Giant Talon 29er + Bob Ibex Trailer + Quantocks Rough Stuff Cycling = Quite a Day

Finally, the first proper day out with both the trailer and the new bike. I had been waiting for this one for weeks, a chance to experience some proper rough stuff, along with the trailer and 15kgs of baggage. The big question was ‘is it possible to drag a touring load over mixed terrain?’. Well the answer is, YES! I… Read more »

Bob Ibex Single Wheel Trailer – First Impressions

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After several weeks of thinking about it, trying to find somewhere where I might get a demo and a tryout (but failing), I finally decided to go ahead with the purchase of the Bob Ibex Trailer. I’ve been thinking about touring with more emphasis on off road, and a pannier laden bike doesn’t seem to be the most sensible approach…. Read more »