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Are Churches Welcoming?

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I always get confused by churches. You’d think they’d be welcoming places, but what with all the solemnity and the gaudy over the top brashness, I just think they kind of shout ‘feck off’. It’s all a bit ‘look what I’ve got you poor, hopeless, sinner’. Nice building though. The museum attached was very creepy though. Very worrying paintings and… Read more »

Valencian Tapas

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Valencia is just what you might expect. Relatively compact European city with the usual collection of churches and museums and historical buildings, mostly of what I would call the faded grandeur of colonialism. I found it tricky to get pictures to do the place justice, so here is some food instead. We managed to find a rather trendy and chic… Read more »

A Ticket to Ride (to Valencia)

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Ooh, our first Spanish train ride! A little two car diesel jobby that takes is direct from Navajas to Valencia. On time so far! You buy the ticket on the train, and the conductor was very helpful despite not really speaking an English to compensate for our non-existent Spanish! ‘Regreso’ was the word Google Translate suggested for ‘return’ but I… Read more »

Big Jump South Towards Valencia

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After the Roman ruins of Emp├║ries and a stop for lunch on the seafront at Escala, we decided it was time for a big jump south, and headed onto the Autopista towards Valencia. Mel had sussed out a campsite that might be a good place to stop for a few days and enjoy the new year break. We finally arrived… Read more »