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The Wivey Way, A 20 Mile Circular Walk Around Wiveliscombe, Somerset

Our big day for a big walk, The Wivey Way, a 20 mile circular walk around the Somerset town of Wiveliscombe. Wivey has been our home for the last 14 years, and we are now, albeit temporarily, leaving it for a life on the road. Travel and adventure on a slightly larger scale. And what a fitting way of saying goodbye to Wivey but to take the opportunity to view it from every angle. We were blessed with great weather, not too hot, and as luck would have it, our fellow walkers homes were alongside the route so suitable pitstops were easily at hand.

Walking Into Wiveliscombe

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Sunday saw the first of the new Wivey Town Markets, inspired in part by the successful 10 Parishes Festival Street Markets held in September. If things go to plan, this should give Wivey a quarterly market throughout the year. Whilst I have some connection to the Festival Markets, I don’t with these Town Markets. We decided to walk down from… Read more »