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Time for a Change of Theme (on the Blog that is)

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I’ve been looking for a new layout for this site for at least the last couple of years, but its always been a question of finding the time, and the inspiration. I’ve wanted it to be clean and easy to read, somewhat minimalist, and compatible with all of the content and plugins that the site uses. Not too much to… Read more »

WordPress Install Hacked Again with page_options Function and References to kadaffizzet.com

This site fell victim to a hack that allowed potentially malicious code to be installed. After investigation, it appears no code was inserted, but a backdoor was created, which I’ve now firmly closed shut. Read about what happen, how I investigated, and what remedies were taken that you might find useful if you are vulnerable to similar problems.

A Quiet Day

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Nothing much to report here – just hanging about. Mel managed to do a bit of work, I had a great chat with Michael about all things techie, and he was kind enough to give me a copy of his Loopy HD to play around with. I’m no musician, so this will probably be of limited value from an app… Read more »

I Didn’t Like the New Clothes

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You may have noticed that I’ve restored the previous theme to the blog, as I wasn’t particularly happy with the change to ‘Greyzed‘ as it was known. There were several formatting problems, particularly when viewed from a mobile browser such as Safari on the iPhone/iPad, and it also seemed to be having an adverse effect on search engine referrals. For… Read more »

Postie 1.4.2 Stripping Leading Whitespace from Markdown Posts

Update – This still applies to Postie 1.4.3 released 12/12/2011. Recently I’ve been trying to reconcile the best way of adding and maintaining content on my blog, partly with a view to how my clients are able to maintain there own content. The state of WYSIWYG editors for websites is truely appalling, unless I’m massively missing something that is out… Read more »