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Test and Behaviour Driven Development on iOS with Kiwi

One thing about getting back into iOS development is that in the intervening two years or so, Xcode and the iOS SDK has changed quite a bit, and this has meant I’ve needed to try and overcome some preconceptions about how to approach certain development tasks. Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) has greatly simplified retain/release logic, and Storyboarding is a better… Read more »

How to Fix ‘Profiling: Invalid Magic Number’ in Xcode 4.6 When ‘Generate Test Coverage Files’ is enabled

Back to doing a bit of iOS development in Xcode, and I ran into a problem with the build tools producing a ‘profiling: invalid magic number’ error when merging the results of code coverage analysis with previous runs. Here is a way to work around the problem and save yourself from having to do a Product > Clean all the time.