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Feliz Navidad desde Espagné

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After a couple of days of over consumption of tapas it is time to move on from Zaragoza and head for the hills. We decided to stay for Tuesdays opening night of the Christmas celebrations! as there was much preparation going on in the main square. It’s almost the size of a football pitch, longer but thinner, and a large… Read more »

Zaragoza: Chocolate, Churros and One of Spain’s 50 Best Tapas

Apologies for the lack of updates for the last couple of days, a combination of work needing to be done and an appointment with a Tapas bar. We’ve relocated ourselves to the municipal campsite in Zaragoza, a place I came to on my own 2 years ago after Mel flew back to the UK and I wandered my way back… Read more »

From the Badlands of the Bardenas Reales to the Foot of the Pyrenees

A sunny start to the day, but a bit of a stiff wind didn’t help make a quick departure from the site, and once heading west it was a fierce headwind that told much of the aerodynamics of the plastic spaceship. I decided I was in no rush, and just went with the flow, even of it was upstream. I… Read more »