A Tour in the Hills – 9 Days to Go

[everytrail 1102857]

A blustery day for a ride, although strangely the extra touring weight carried today provided a degree of stabilisation.  Mr Smith made the foolish mistake of taking the road bike and got blown around a bit.  And a puncture, which gladly the weather abated slightly during the repair, so it was a jolly excuse to take a break.  All in all a good day, bike seems fine.  Just had a progress report from Alan, who is currently warming up for our trip next week by riding from Amsterdam back to Berkshire.  Gloating over his 120 mile first day.  Yes, yes, but its all very flat over there.

I’ve just completed loading the Eurovelo 6 route data into the GPS planning tool, and will transfer it shortly over to Everytrail so its available for download to the iPhone and iPad.  Total planned mileage now works out to be 950, accounting for all of the wiggles in the road and river bends, so definitely on for the hoped for 1,000 miles, by the time we’ve explored a bit and found accommodation each day.  So looking like an average of 45 miles per day for 21 days.

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