Besan̤on РEyeballing the June Cycling Trip

Brilliant!  We’ve stopped overnight in Besançon, the point at which the current trip south crosses the route of the June Bike Trip.  I was looking forward to this, particularly after the cycling trip this weekend.

I know its just a strip of tarmac/gravel/whatever, but to actually see something that you’ll cycling over in about three and a half months time and after about 800 miles of cycling, is actually quite exciting.  Thinking of the 600 miles we’ve travelled in the car in 2 days to get to this point, and relating it to cycling at least that distance to get back here again by bike, it seems like an amazing journey and coincidence.

I can confirm that as the cycle route follows the loop of the Doube River through Besançon, it turns from smooth tarmac to cobbles!  That should be interesting after 800 miles in the saddle!

I took a couple of pictures tonight, will try and upload them in the next couple of days once I’ve got the camera connected to the laptop and internet sorted.

We took a leisurely walk around the town this evening, surprised to find such a big hill in the middle with the old castle on top.  Don’t think I’ll be going up there on the bike when we return!  Managed to find a charming little authentic French restaurant, at which I consumed a chicken salad and a goodly measure of red wine.  Excellent!

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