Camping at Pencelli Castle

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What could be simpler? Roll into the first camp site you come to (having covered the requisite number of miles), get the last space available, pitch tent, do some work by returning a call and sending a couple of emails, then shower in the very respectable facilities so I feel completely human and fresh again, them walk 200 yards to the pub (The Royal Oak – a lovely village pub, nicely oldy-worldy) and settle down for a nice smooth pint of Cribyn (the local falling over water, but a touristy £3 a pint). Food looks good from where I’m sitting, having had to wait for a table at only 7:20, but only for 15 minutes. Popular place, I hope they and the campsite are good friends, because each would suffer badly without the other – I see a lot of campers and few locals.

The afternoons ride was pleasant. The hill out of Blaenavon was not as arduous as I had feared, but it was a right peasouper. The anticipated view as I dropped down the other side was a cracker, although I’m going by Google Streetview, as I could see bugger all beyond 100 yards in front of me. Once I’d descended a bit I could make out the bottom of the valley and it was a pretty sight, but you’ll have to rely on someone else for a photo (I’ve got one I’ll post later when I’ve had a chance to Photoshop it to perfection).

The weather was also kinder during the afternoon, the mornings rain a mere memory. I’m only about 5 miles short of Brecon which was my waypoint for the day, so should be able to make that up tomorrow. Choosing your pitch is obviously an art form all it’s own. Even though I did a tour of the site and picked what looked like a good spot, I am next to a family, and the Dad looks like a top snorer and there are two kids under 5. So I’m anticipating a short, sleepless night, but at least that means there will be an early start. I think the weather forecast even looks fair for the weekend so I may be in luck.

Today has been a lovely day though despite the slightly less than favourable weather. Very enjoyable. Anyway now time to choose food and try another pint of Cribyn, in the interests of quality control you understand!

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