Making Life Interesting with a Payload and BOB Yak Trailer

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Today’s setup, this time with the trailer in tow and about 10kgs of payload. Not a great deal, but given the quality of the rough stuff, enough to make life interesting. I am absolutely loving the [BOB Yak]( trailer. It is a joy to ride with. On today’s rough stuff there were plenty of boulders with drops and narrows that by all rights should have trapped the trailer as it passed, but it worked flawlessly. Every time I braced for a jolt as the trailer passed by or over a large rock, I couldn’t even tell when the BOB had passed, it handled the terrain so effortlessly.

I’m itching to get out and do a proper overnight trip somewhere remote (I had the tent and sleeping bag as a payload today), but the mountains are now getting too inclement, so unless the weather improves, I’m going to have to wait until we are in Spain and the Sierra Nevada’s for that experience. Mind you, as we were on the way back down, we passed a chap who was on the way up on foot, with a large rucksack, and going by the time of day, it was obviously his intention to camp overnight. There was a refuge up near the lake, so perhaps he was heading there, or maybe intending to make camp by himself wherever he got to. Seemed like a fun thing to do!

2 thoughts on “Making Life Interesting with a Payload and BOB Yak Trailer

  1. You didn’t warn me! Your blog entries of daring feats up and down the mountain ranges of France, inspired us to go for a bike ride. My first in probably 20 years and my bum bones are killing me! How on earth anybody copes on those narrow seats I will never understand – I am going to stick to horses, much more comfortable.

    1. Didn’t you read the disclaimer? I’m sorry to hear about your bottom, but I don’t think I could take responsibility for any injuries received. Although I have a tube of Savlon, if that’s of any use?

      You can rest assured that I does get better with practice, just like with horse riding. I think I would have a sore bottom if I tried to spend any time on a horse after a 3 year break!

      Before you spend money on a saddle, get some padded shorts or at least underpants (not that it’s there as a cushion, but it helps), and cycle a moderate amount several days in a row – does wonders to harden up the derrière! 5-10 miles should do it to start with. How far did you cycle at the weekend?

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