New Bike Ride: Milverton, Oake, Halse, Ash Common, Fitzhead

[bikemap 833272]

Good ride with Dave this morning, set of at a decent pace and then settled back a bit.  Tried to do a bit of Geocaching on Ash Common, but unable to find the cache.  May have to try again next time.  Weather was also kind to us, rain holding off until the final few minutes as the drizzle set it.  Although the roads were reasonably dry, theres still a lot of mud about, and I looked like I’d be standing behind a flatulent elephant by the time we got back.

Then had to shoot off to the dentist, filling required where a previous temporary filling had fallen to bits.  Fortunately the tooth had previous root canal and crown, so no need even for an anaesthetic.

Now chomping my way through some Turkey Breast and soup to refill the batteries.

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