The Wanderers Return, but with a Broken Spoke

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Ok, I didn’t quite give up after the last message. I was determined to get to the summit of the Plateau de Beille, and despite the fact that every time I went over the brow of shill or curve of a bend, the track looked like it still wanted more out of me. The legs were getting overly tired, and it was about time we were setting off back, but what would the world be without a little stubbornness and determination to achieve a goal?

So I made the final assault and got to the summit, took the obligatory snap and the panoramic photo, and headed off back down to meet Mel who was sunning herself back at the carpark.

The ride back across the snow was more eventful on the way down. The car tracks and ruts quite happy to snatch the bikes wheels, but I managed to stay on and get back. A schoolboy curving skid to a halt my final flourish.

We then donned our skiing kit for the chilly ride back down – even that wasn’t enough to keep the blood circulating in the fingers, but good enough to get us back without freezing completely. On the way down, I realised that Mel’s rear wheel had a noticeable kink in it, so we proceeded slowly. 10 miles with the brakes on has probably worn out the pads on both bikes! I did manage to get to 40mph at one point, and no complaints from the BOB Yak following along behind. It really does handle sweetly.

Once back at base, I took a look at Mel’s rear (no sniggers please, this is a family show) and discovered a broken spoke. Of course on the cassette side just to make life fun. I have some spares so will tackle that when I have more energy and there is some warmth left in the sun.

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