A Newbies Journey in Developing Apps for the iPhone

This is the start of a journey.  I’m about to venture into the world of iPhone application development.  I have no intention of making a million (although that would be nice), but I do want the apps that I create to be commercial.

I’ve waited longer than most to dip my tow, partly just because life was getting in the way.  I’ve now shed enough other commitments to find the time to ponder and investigate, and the upcoming release of the iPad has help to push me closer to the tipping point.

My first app is one that I’ve wondered about for a while, really since I got my iPod Touch, which must be getting on for 2 years ago now.  It’s not the only idea, but its trivial enough for a first step into the app development waters.  I’m not (for the time being) going to share quite what the purpose of the app is – not because its ground breaking or revolutionary, but just because I think there are some interesting ideas I want to explore.  More of that later.

It’s not the only app that I have in mind, but it is one that appears to find a place in the app store market, and looking at the competition I think it could do a lot better than what I see so far.  I’ve downloaded a view of those apps, but have yet look at adopting them, because I think their UI implementations are poor.  Keep it simple, get things done – an important mantra for any app on any platform – how on earth people get it so wrong on a simple device like the iPhone, lord only knows!

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