How do you Manage Redraw in UITableView?

I’m kind of stuck on this one, and hoping that someone can lend a hand.  I just can’t quite figure out how I’m supposed to manage the redraw of `UITableViewCell`’s in a `UITableView`.  Going in and out of Editing mode I need to refresh the section footers (as per this post on a problem reordering cells into empty sections), but you can’t simply call `reloadData` on the table view as this cancels the animation associated with the view change.  `reloadSections:withRowAnimation:` also seems to cause problems with the editing animations.  And when reordering cells, you can’t then change the cell content without screwing up the animation and ending up with missing cells in the view.

I have discovered that sometimes it works better to use `performSelector:` to make the reload call happen after a short delay, i.e. when the other animations have completed, but this seems like guesswork – what happens if a later SDK version changes the default animation timings?

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