iPad Temperature Warning – It Gets All Hot Under the Collar

iPad Temperature Warning ScreenFirst time this has happened to me, but it appears that the iPad has some issues with working in warm, sunny conditions. I was enjoying the sunshine at lunchtime today and was looking forward to catching up with some online articles whilst I munched, but after only about 5 minutes in the direct sunlight the iPad decided it couldn’t take the heat and shutdown – showing the temperature warning screen for the next few minutes in the shade. I reverted to paper, which tends to only dislike the heat of a furnace before ‘shutting down’.

There is an Apple support article on the iPad temperature warning, but no specific explanation, although the device is rated for up to 95deg.F. Granted, my experience might well have been in excess of that figure. Slipping it out of the Apple protective case probably would have helped the air to get at it better, but given that I get hot under the collar in the process, I decided not to bother. I will just have to accept that suntans and iPad’s don’t go together, but then isn’t that a problem that most geeks have to deal with?

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