65 thoughts on “iPhone/iPad Has Wrong Timezone When Date/Time is Set Automatically

  1. It finally worked. Thanks a ton. If I have any problems please help me. I will contact you if any problems occur. Thanks I can’t stop thanking you.

  2. Looks like this thread might be too old to expect a reply, but I’ll try anyway. I have had my iPhone 5s for two years and I travel a lot. It has always updated correctly with no problems. Daylight Savings just occurred again, but this time it went ahead Sunday morning like it should have but switched back by itself. The timezone it seems to think I’m in is Metlakatla, Alaska instead of Sacramento. I tried all of your options (my iOS doesn’t have a “reset location warnings,” just “reset location and privacy” and I don’t want to reset my privacy settings..). Any help would be useful.

  3. None of these work. my phone keeps insisting that im in GMT time zone when im not. i’m in Texas and using iOS 11.2.6. My clock is way off, and none of these fix it. i really dont want to have to restore the phone all over again in vain.Also when i manually change the time, i go to the world clock and all of those are incorrect. What should i do??!

    1. If you disable automatic time zone updates, and set the correct Timezone, can you then set the clock to your correct local time? The problem comes often from your WiFi router being identifed as being in a different location. That’s how the system knows which Timezone you are in (and therefore your local time), there is a database of WiFi router locations that they work from, and invalid entries cause these problems. My problem cam about because if travelled for several months with my WiFi router, so it ‘learnt’ it was in Europe, then took a while to correct itself when I returned to the UK.

  4. Great article!!!!
    Unfortunately my timezones is still locked into ‘Cupertino’ (wherever that is? I live in Denver?)
    I tried most of your options but my ‘auto timezine’ is greyed out and I am unable to turn it off to manually update.

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