Why Microsoft’s Irrelevance is Slowly Becoming Clear

> Then, she explained, the iPhone came. There was no Office. People got things done. Then the iPad came. There was no Office. People got things done. Android came. People got things done. All of those things that they, just a couple of years ago, were convinced they needed Office to do. They got them done without it. And thus, the truth was revealed. — [*Microsoft’s Biggest Miss* via **Minimal Mac**](http://minimalmac.com/post/17758177061/microsofts-biggest-miss)

Microsoft’s problem is that it can’t, daren’t admit that there is a platform other than Windows on which it’s flagship product must run. It’s never been able to separate the two, and so when one does, so shall the other. Office has only ever been successful because of its proprietary file format (not that it’s secret), and creating yet another flavour in DOCX etc. was, in effect, a form of self harm.

Their only chance of survival now is to learn how to serve the customer, wherever they may be. And it may well be too late.

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