Amanda’s Walk Day 11

Slightly cloudy start, but it soon cheered up and improved throughout the day.

Amanda and Mel set off early, the plan to rendezvous with Dad Gerry, Dawn, Uncle Richard and Aunty Julie to share some walking and a spot of lunch.

I moved the van forward to the campsite for the night, then met the others for a lift back to join the girls.

Richard and Dawn joined us for the walk through Harbury, Ufton and along the Grand Union Canal to Long Itchington, where we could all have a good scratch. I mean lunch.

Slightly tipsy, we set off for the last 5 miles in good spirits, but of course so paid the price of our folly as the legs turned to lead.

But we got there in the end, and were soon joined by friend Allison for another evening drink before supper and off to bed.

Only one more day to go!

1 thought on “Amanda’s Walk Day 11

  1. Hi all you walkers,you should now that midday drinking and a long walk dont go togetter,bud a lesson learned.

    Good luck for the last day Jan and Joan xxx

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