Bath to Westbury

A very comfortable night, waking early and mostly ready to go. Just need to get these legs to get me down 4 flights of stairs without landing in a heap at the bottom.

Out onto the cool, grey streets of Bath, heading for the centre in search of breakfast to set me up for the day. A little cafe called Made by Ben fits the bill, and a whopping slab of Tortilla certainly fill a hole.

A brief wander through the town admiring the architecture, and then winding through residential streets before I find the canal path that takes me in a big arch, east then south. Flat terrain as on would expect on a canal path, not a single lock to vary the level, only the occasional swing bridge.

Nearing lunchtime, and the legs are definitely feeling the strain. The engine seems to be low of fuel and I’m pleased to find the cafe just along from the Dundas Aqueduct. I order an omelette and get one accompanied by a pile of fries and a salad. Great value for money and much needed fuel that last the rest of the day.

On reaching Avoncliffe I leave the canal behind and climb the hill heading south. Once on the top I can see the White Horse and the grim skyline of Westbury. I still have good 10 miles to go.

A surprise as I come across Farleigh Hungerford Castle, deserted at this time of the year. I press on through woods and over farmland, retracing steps at one point due to bad way marking by some nob of landowner.

A final stretch into Westbury, walking the verge of a noisy fast B road, then veering off through the industrial estate that blights the skyline. 20 minutes to kill before the train whisks me back to Taunton, a welcome coffee and a seat. Exhausted, 21 miles today, making 44 for the trip, which I’d estimated at 35. Good to test yourself though.

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