Bristol to Bath

After spending a pleasant afternoon and evening sampling the delights of Bristol, staying over at an AirBNB host on a very comfortable sofa bed, I said farewell to my Canadian and Estonian hosts, I wandered back into the centre to find breakfast to. Set me up for the day. One ham and cheese omelette later and I picked up the river path heading east towards Bath.

Bristol City Council seem to be lacking in footpath maintenance, as I had twice to divert from the river due to repairs that look like they’d long been forgotten. It was about three miles before I got past the semi industrial garbage, found the gentrified outskirts and then wandered proper into the countryside. It was interesting watching the urban decay getting smothered by Mother Nature.

Notice in the second photo, looking past the graffiti, at the brick effigies of dogs I’m the wall of the dogs home.

There were also some amusing and alarming signs along the route. I presume they were worried about sporting guns, rather than drug dealers in Harley’s in the Conham River Park.

Following the river if was inevitable that you’d find people messing about in boats, and why not on such a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon.

The diversions earlier added somewhat to the planned mileage, and so it was 22 miles before I knocked on the door on my Bath AirBNB host. A further hike up 4 flights of stairs (damn those Georgian builders) before I found my well presented room and very welcome bath to soak and smooth the aching lower limbs.

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