Channel 2 Channel – Day 1

Here we go again, galavanting across the countryside on foot! This time, linking the Bristol Channel to the English Channel.

Three days it should take at a moderate pace, Mel and I accompanied by Kate and Caroline.

The day had an ominous and foreboding start with rain, but no sooner did we don boots at Watchet but the skies dried up, the clouds parted, and we were happily blessed by warming sunshine and an agreeable breeze.

The first couple of miles were marred by traffic as we left Watchet and headed through Williton, but before too long we were onto quiet lanes and footpaths, across the fields and closely following the West Somerset Railway line though the vale.

Not in a rush and with plenty of time, we stopped for a coffee in the village of Stogumber, then meandered through fields in search of a picnic stop. I was a grass stalk away from chewing on a blade of grass in a very Wurzel-esque way I can tell you.

Soon after we had some fellow walkers as companions as we tried to navigate towards Crowcombe Heathfield, but they were less ambitious than us as we continued onwards.

Alas The Farmers Arms as Combe Florey was shut fro renovation (I wish people would remember they have websites at these times), but we weren’t too bothered, as not long to go before the days end at Ash Priors.

Kate and Paul did us proud with a slap up meal for the evening, setting us up nicely for day 2.

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