Channel 2 Channel – Day 3

Rising stiffly from the nights slumber, we knew some grease was needed to get the joints working, so tucked into a full English to set ourselves up for the day.

Taking an underpass beneath the A303, we were then straight into a climb along lanes before we could start a gentle descent down the side of the valley to the River Yarty, to be our companion for the much of the day.

A wide open valley flanked by rolling hills, the land given over to pasture for dairy, silage and hay. And on a glorious day like today, the foragers were out in earnest collecting the grass before the threat of rain at the end of the week.

One thing lacking on today’s walk were pubs to quench the thirst or refuel the tanks, but we still had plenty of provisions so not too fussed. We stopped and lounged in a field for elevenses, and then found an ancient packhorse bridge as an ideal perch for lunch.

Early afternoon we peeled away from the Yarty, through to town of Kilmington where we found a farm shop with a simple but effective cafe.

Onwards to join the River Axe which led us to meet the sea, which we glimpsed once as we rounded the hill from Kilmington.

A slightly poor choice of planned led us into a slightly busy stretch of road into Seaton, but we found a cycle route that took us into more peaceful realms and deposited us on the edge of Tesco’s which was ideal for purchasing a bottle of bubbly and glasses to celebrate the final arrival on the beach.

After location Paul and James we found a bench on the seafront to pop the cork and enjoy our fizz and rest our weary legs. Soon, fish and chips were added to the mix, and we all ate heartily, including the pesky seagulls that dove bombed Kate and robbed her of a piece of fish.

All in all, a very fine walk with equally fine company. Let’s do it again soon! Only question, where next?

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