Chesil Beach, Dorset

Chesil Beach

Could have been sitting on the edge of a boat, starring at the horizon

The weather has been so good over the weekend that we couldn’t bear to come straight home, so went down to Chesil Beach for a bit of a leg stretch. A fantastic bit of coast line, just think about how many pebbles there must be in that spit. Walking on it is no fun though, after about 45 minutes we didn’t appear to have made very much progress so opted for laying in the sunshine for half an hour instead, before heading back to the van for tea and the drive home. The drive along the coastline towards Lyme Regis was also a stunner, another bit of the country I don’t know well. Must do something about that!

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  1. I used to live on Portland before moving to Bridgwater and used to try and go on the beach or out by the light house every day, I have had many a good day using fishing as an excuse to sit on the beach and look at the view

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