Back to the coast again for the evening and the town of Dunbar. A pretty little harbour and people lot surfing the waves rolling into Belhaven Bay and the lovely sandy beach. We walked out along the beach and back, and around the town, harbour and cliffs, as well as the obligatory coffee and cake stop.

At the harbour is a memorial to fishermen which has a barometer set into it in a glass case, intended as an aid to those going out to sea. Alongside a description of the memorial and barometer, is a reprint of a letter to the local paper in 1865, not long after the barometer was installed and its operation left in the trust of the town council. It could have come from a contemporary paper, such was the disdain for the councils lack of action in maintaining the memorial and barometer, or installing a light so that users might be able to see it without recourse to a match (Lucifer’s Light was I think the expression).

Funny how some things don’t change.

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