Littlehampton to Bognor Regis

Saturday turned into a failure on the walking front, or at least not as planned. The plan had been to go to Lewes, then walk the Ouse valley and the coast path back to Brighton, returning on the train. I got as far as Worthing before the trains were cancelled as a result of a fatality further up the line. By the time a bus alternative came into view, there wouldn’t be enough time to do the walk. So I gave up at that point, sat and read my book on the seafront whilst enjoying a coffee, which rolled into a light lunch, and then did the walk back along the coast to Rustington. So not entirely a waste.

On Sunday we all went west along the coast, through Littlehampton and into Bognor, stopping on the way for a pint. The trains managed to get us back ok this time.

All in all a great weekend, heaps of sunshine, and great company.

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