Littlehampton to Brighton Coast Walk

After dropping Mel off for the first day of her course, I set off along the coast, east towards Brighton. A warm, sunny day, only marred by a stiff breeze on the face and some light cloud to temper the sun.

The walking was good, hard paths of Tarmac of firm ground most of the way, a few stretches along the shingle beach to squirm about in, but level and easy going for the most part.

I enjoyed the mix of architecture along the way, a good mix of styles both old and new. I don’t get why you by a beach house and then put up a 6 foot fence to obscure the view though. I suppose at least you we still near the beach, even if you can’t see it.

The area around Shoreham was the only dreary bit, passing by less than inspiring industrial areas, the noise and fumes of lorries the only thing to keep me company.

I celebrated the journey with an ice cream on Palace Pier, surrounded by French exchange kids and a bewildering array of accents. Then a stroll across town, taking in The Lanes on the way to the station for the train back to Angmering and the short walk back to rejoin Mel, by which time Kate and Piers had arrived and dinner was well underway.

Another 25 under the belt, and plans for a good walk tomorrow too.

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