March Half Million

Well that’s March over, and a record for steps taken. Just over 500,000 steps in all. Or around 225 miles. Not bad considering I get very little walking in normal day-to-day activities. That’s the downside of living in a motorhome, and working on a computer all day. One of the reasons to make going for a hike a priority this year.

In the scheme of things, I’m sure others manage much better than this. March has seen a concerted effort to get out on nearly a day basis, and with hopefully more settled weather ahead and long daylight hours, I’ll find plenty of time to rack up the miles.

October and November were not bad months, lots of walking done whilst in Scotland. December was a bit of a write off as I got sedentary as soon as we got back to Somerset. Lesson learnt there.

I’m starting a principle of doing at least one, and preferably two, overnight trips per month from now on. I also want to try extending the distances, and I’m even considering a 24 hour day & night walk as a real challenge.

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