Midgley Moor, Calderdale

The weekend was spent in Manchester for the Buy Art Fair, held at the old Granada TV studios. A reasonable successful exhibition but not as good as it could have been.

I spent Saturday wandering the shops and came away empty handed, I just don’t find any of the clothes on offer on the least bit interesting these days. Dreary and dull, mass produced tosh. I did find a rather nice shoe shop but I wouldn’t find the occasion to wear them, and at £350 for the cheapest pair, I couldn’t justify the expense either!

My only purchase of the day was a haircut and shave at a proper barbers shop. A nice little bit of pampering, although I wasn’t all the happy with the cut (shortest in about 15 years) or the shave (not terrible close, could have done better myself) but an interesting way to while away an hour.

After packing Mel off on Sunday, I headed north into Calderdale and the town of Hebden Bridge. The campsite is about a mile from town and up a quite a hill, so I took advantage of the sunny evening to walk further on top to Midgley Moor for an 8 mile circuit and a stop at the pub for a pint of Dark Mild – yum, and some nice banter with the locals.

I’m now on my tod for the next week or so whilst Mel does Quartz Festival in Taunton, so drop me a line, especially if you have any recommendations on where to visit between here and Glasgow!

2 thoughts on “Midgley Moor, Calderdale

  1. Shame about the hair cut and shave, it will need to have grown pretty fast by the time you hit the cold temperatures of Bonny Scotland! Lots of love xxxx

  2. Hi Dave, a we bid of advice north of the border,follow M74 till Gredna than the A75? for Dumfries to the Galloway Forest than up to Glasgow an the A82 thaks you to Glen Coe ,Fort William,Drumnadrocid? from Drum.. on to Glen Affric the most fantastic Glen for walking ore bikes after all that follows the Great Glen bike path from Inverness to Frot Augustus Lots of succes, plenty to do before X -mas .
    Lots of Love from Jan and Joan xxxxx

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