The Falls of Kirkaig and the Hills of the Assynt

After yet more inspiring during along the coast roads we stopped for a walk to the Falls of Kirkaig, a couple of miles along a glen following the river upstream. The path was rough but manageable, and the falls worth the effort alone, but the cherry on the top was by a walking another few hundred yards and creating a small hill to give a breathtaking view of Suilven and other peaks of the Assynt.

The sun kindly dipped below a band of cloud to set fire to the landscape whilst Red Deer wandered nearby, Stags bellowing across the hillsides, and is doing a merry little jig at the beauty of it all.

Scotland is quickly becoming our top place for its scenery.

On the other hand, we’ve now lost the best of the weather, at least for the rest of the week, so we have spent today retreating to the east and will lurk around Inverness until the weather improves. At least it’s dry here, although a bit on the windy side!

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