The Length of the Quantocks

Here’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time and never before felt up to. Walking the length of the Quantocks in a day.

Getting a beach, hills, sunshine, pretty clouds and a castle (hotel) into the same day might seem excessive, but that’s all on offer with this one.

Mind you I wasn’t feeling on top of the game today, but that was in part down to still suffering from a slight cold that I’ve had all week, and maybe something to do with one too many beers last night. The legs were fine but just not as chipper as I had been last week. Things improved after a coffee stop mid way and the downhill stretch into Taunton was much easier, but I felt fairly wiped out as I tried to regroup over a coffee in Cafe Nero. A little rest and recuperation tomorrow perhaps?

Off to Sussex later this week, so plenty of opportunity for a coastal walk, or perhaps the Downs too.

22 miles today, making 82 the total for the week.

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