The Souks of Marrakech

We are the only residents of the hotel, but yesterday a couple of Brits turned up in a campervan, so we swapped travel tales over dinner. They suggested sharing a taxi into the city today, but decided in the end to have a domestic day, as they’d been touring for weeks and the van looked a bit sorry for itself.

We deiced therefore to walk the 6 miles into the city. Farmland given way to fairly shambolic housing on the outskirts, then improving before becoming the hustle, bustle and confusing maze of the old town. Way too easy to go around in circles in the souks, places rammed with very repetitive merchandise that soon all looks the same.

We needed to plan our next steps, and ended up in a travel agents. We probably just spent too much on a few days touring the mountains and desert, but it’s all inclusive. I think we’ve obviously slipped into middle age and lost the art of travelling rough. We shall see, I hope it’s worth it.

Tomorrow we’ll be back into the city to try and discover a bit more of the city and confirm the travel plans.

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