The Waterfalls of Glas Bheinn

A damp start, but a cracking finish, one of the balmiest days so far. We headed out for a walk to Britain’s highest waterfall, Eas a Chúal Aluinn.

It has to be said, we failed, but had a lovely time. Given how fine the afternoon was turning out, we fancied a circular walk to return over Glas Bheinn, but realised that we were only making one mile per hour over rocky and boggy ground, even though the path was easy to follow. We crested the hill and got a good view across the valley to the falls, but decided given the daylight remaining it would be prudent to turn around and keep it short, rather than get stuck up a hill in the dark.

Still, a rewarding day out, and some fabulous views, especially of Quinag.

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