West Somerset Coast Path – Watchet to Minehead

A gorgeous day for a walk, what if intended to be a comfortable 10 miles along the coast to Minehead, part training for Amanda’s charity walk from Somerset to Leicester in June, following the Fosse Way.

Mel and Amanda were along for this walk too, and the weather pulled off a perfect Spring day. A little hazy out to sea, so long distance views not so good, but it didn’t detract at all. Perhaps even enhanced it! We commented more than once how perfect Britain can be sometimes.

Anyway, a coffee stop at Blue Anchor after clambering over the rocky beach from Watchet, the tide a long way out making the place look moon like. On reaching Minehead we stopped for a quick lunch. The plan had been to walk back to Dunster before catching the bus home, but the girls decided that walking back would do the day justice.

Couldn’t resist a picture of the South West Coast path sign to make a pair with the one captured at Studland a week ago. Must try to do the proper joining up of the by foot, rather than car. Just need to find a spare 3 months.

We all did well till about 12 miles, before it was evident that the distance was starting to count, but we kept at it, and finally on reaching Watchet and clocking up 17 miles, we decided a pint in Pebbles was the only apt way to celebrate.

I’m off this weekend for a two day Microadventure, walking from Bristol to Westbury, largely following the path of the River Avon. Should be lovely, but with 18 miles to cover each day, it will test the endurance!

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