Monthly Archives: June 2010

iPhone 4 Signal Strength is a Victim of Apple’s Own Secrecy

Apple iPhone Antenna Design

Not that I have an iPhone 4 (yet) but its interesting reading the various reports on the loss of signal strength (and inevitable dropped calls) that seems to be caused by holding the phone in the left hand. It does seem obvious to me that as the skin is electrically conductive, that if you bridge the gap between the 3G… Read more »

iPad Temperature Warning – It Gets All Hot Under the Collar

iPad Temperature Warning Screen

First time this has happened to me, but it appears that the iPad has some issues with working in warm, sunny conditions. I was enjoying the sunshine at lunchtime today and was looking forward to catching up with some online articles whilst I munched, but after only about 5 minutes in the direct sunlight the iPad decided it couldn’t take… Read more »

Adobe Announces a Digital Viewer and Publishing Platform for the iPad

I’ve been using Adobe tools for several years, mostly Photoshop but latterly InDesign as well.  Whilst they are fine tools, one thing that they have seemingly lacked is a true understanding of the digital world.  Most of their export tools that target the web have been decidedly crufty, although I admit that I’ve used the likes of Dreamweaver so little… Read more »