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Low-carbohydrate diets

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A good page on Wikipedia about current thinking behind low-carbohydrate diets. The Paleo diet that I’m following is not strictly a low-carb diet (and not a diet in the normal sense of ‘weight loss’ although it is one of the benefits), as the carb levels are about twice what would be expected on a low-carb diet. However, I got to… Read more »

Look like a capitalist, live like a communist, fight like a fascist, and fuck like an anarchist I’m not sure I agree with all of the above, but ‘a life less ordinary’ and full of interesting challenges is one we should all benefit from.

New Bike Ride: Milverton, Oake, Halse, Ash Common, Fitzhead

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Good ride with Dave this morning, set of at a decent pace and then settled back a bit.  Tried to do a bit of Geocaching on Ash Common, but unable to find the cache.  May have to try again next time.  Weather was also kind to us, rain holding off until the final few minutes as the drizzle set it…. Read more »

The Telegram

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Whatever the expression for your brothers father-in-law, Cyril O’Brien should be remembered by many. Follow the link to discover someone who truly experienced life by all it’s measures,

Paleo Diet – Week 1 Roundup

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I’ve just completed my first week, and have found the following: Weight Lost 3 pounds. More than I was expecting, but in line with what other Paleo dieters experience in their first week. Some attribute this to initial water loss as muscle glycogen gets depleted. Glycogen reportedly binds water, so less glycogen means less water being retained by the body…. Read more »

Another Paleo Dieter

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Found this blog for another Paleo Dieter, Richard Beddie, who started a 30 day trial run on 16th February. He seems to be approaching it as a lifestyle choice as I do, rather than as a weight loss diet. I hope he sticks at it, and will be very keen to read his reviews.

Update on the February Challenge

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Ok, so this month I was supposed to be getting fit. The boys bike ride and skiing in March are now looming large, but I’m please to say that good progress is being made. As well as the challenge of some kind of exercise/body work for each day of this month, I’ve now upped the ante by making a significant… Read more »