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First Ever Mountain Bike Ride!

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Click Here for the Full Interactive Map Today was a first. First time I’d ever gone out on a mountain bike. I’ve been looking at MTB options, partly because I’ve been wondering about changing my touring strategy to include more off road excursions, and whether a trailer was a better load carrying option to panniers. It strikes me that if… Read more »

TrackPad Erratic After Upgrade to OS X 10.7 Lion

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I’ve been getting erratic behaviour on the Apple TrackPad since performing the upgrade to 10.7 on the MacPro (2006, 1,1). Everything is fine and then as you move your finger across the surface, the on-screen cursor starts jumping about, sometimes in a predictable way (like its just missing event information from the trackpad), and other times like its getting the… Read more »

Apples Poor UI Choices in iOS and OS X Lion

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iCal's Year View on OS X Lion

Thoughts on Skeuomorphism in UI Design – Kaishinlab Skeuomorphs in UI design refer to interface elements that retain obsoleted visual or behavioral aspects of the physical objects they are based on. […] Apple has been riding the skeuomorphism wave for more than a decade, alienating pundits and users alike in every episode, the most recent of which involves the redesigned… Read more »

OS X Lion – Possible RAID mirror corruption during upgrade

I recently went ahead with upgrades to OS X Lion on my Macs. I did the Macbook first, as its less critical should problems arise, and that went without a hitch. I chose to save the installer after the download and create a DVD so that I wouldn’t need to wait for the download again from the App Store. The… Read more »

Wales – Thanks, You Were Great!

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Well, that’s all over then. Back home and back to the normal routine. But the Wales cycling trip was fantastically good fun. It helped me work out a whole bunch of things about my cycling experiences, and gives me yet more incentive to do more of the same. There were practically no lowlights to the entire trip, apart maybe for… Read more »

The Sun Does Shine in Wales After All

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Well, what a turn up for the books. Today has been just perfect. I was woken this morning by the sun streaming down onto the campsite, just the remnants of mist clinging to the sides of some of the hills. It had been quite cool overnight and there was heavy dew all over the grass and the tent. I took… Read more »

From the Sea to the Mountains

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Tonight I am cut off from the world. At least in the mobile broadband sense. I’m in a campsite at the top of Llan Gwynant, a small lake nestled in the valley on the east side of Snowdon. I’d guess it was glacial at some point on the past. I had the place earmarked and got to it relatively early… Read more »


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Funny old day today. I’m starting to adopt what I suspect are the hours of the typical touring camper – bed not long after dark, up at the crack of dawn (no sniggers or innuendo please). This morning I woke at 5am along with the seagulls. As I’d washed a fee clothes the night before that were in no way… Read more »