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Wild Camping Survival Guide

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Paragliders Circling the Beach at Salobreña, Costa Tropical

Wild camping is quite acceptable if you don’t mind things that go woof in the night, and cycling with your chemical toilet (or comically long arms). And watch out for soft ground. And make sure your inverter is working properly. And don’t get your blog hacked at the same time. Other than that, piece of cake!

Wildcamping in Salobreña

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Snow on the Sierra Nevadas, as seen from Salobreña on the Costa Tropical

Just a short hop along the coast today for a change of scene. The camping at Castillo de Baños was actually quite fine, but only if you were happy to sit in a deck chair all day, or have the means to wander further afield, i.e. a car. You could have taken the bikes out, but it was either a… Read more »

A Few Adjustments to the Location and the Blog

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On the move again, this time skipping westwards along the coast to the Costa Tropical, stopping for the night in a campsite at Castillo de Baños. It was the Costa Tropical that we’d first identified as the part of Spain that we’d like to visit, so its great to finally be here! As it was a bit of a grey… Read more »

The Gold Mines of Rodalquilar, Cabo de Gata

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Impressive Earthworks of the Rodalquilar Gold Mines

The gorge finally tipped me out onto a track leading to the Gold Mines of Rodalquilar. These are impressive open-cast mines, with earlier shafts and tunnels exposed by the latter workings. Mined for thousands of years for various ores, gold was discovered at Rodalquilar in the 1800’s, and mined commercially from the 1920’s until the 1960’s, except during the Spanish Civil War of the ’30’s. It’s now possible to walk freely among the workings, and there is a mountain bike route that circles the main workings.

A Rocky Descent of Cerro Cuchillo, Cabo de Gata

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The bike propped against a stone hunting shelter/bunker, an information board outlining some of the local flora, and a rocky path!

A rocky descent which is requiring a good degree of walking. There is an information board which is highlighting some of the flora to be found, this area seems lusher than other parts, probably as what little rain falls is funnelled downwards. The bike is propped against what appears to be a shelter/bunker for hunting purposes, boar perhaps.

Hunting Lodge on Cerro Rellana, Cabo de Gata

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Large lookout tower believed to be used for hunting purposes, sited on top of the Cerro Rellano, Cabo de Gata, Spain

This is a hunting lodge perched on top of a hill called Cerro Rellana. They seem to be big into hunting all over rural Spain, but then perhaps no more so than we are in the UK. This seems pretty elaborate though giving a commanding view over the surrounding hillsides. Not sure what they hunt around here, I don’t know… Read more »